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Tecnavi supplies the industry with state-of-the-art air conditioning and ventilation systems, refrigeration plants,  and fire fighting systems.

Design, production and installation

Tecnavi is also specialized in the preparation of all technical spaces on board, in the general supply of off-the-shelf and custumized spare parts and in the design and development of onboard fire fighting systems.

Tecnavi develops intricate projects for cruise ships, navies, and luxury yachts, tailored to meet various challenges. With 20 years of HVAC and ventilation experience alongside expertise in industry standards (SOLAS, ISO, RINA-MIL, NATO-ANEP), they offer customized solutions.

Their skilled technicians ensure project success from initial specifications to final delivery, integrating seamlessly with all ship systems, providing comprehensive design, management, and integration with automation and safety systems.

Tecnavi, an experienced refrigeration company since 1958, offers a wide array of tailored solutions for different ship types. They handle everything from design to installation, specializing in systems for passenger and navy ships, including cold rooms.

Their experts create projects meeting specific client needs and tough marine conditions, whether for new constructions or retrofits. Tecnavi’s projects cover various refrigeration types, such as direct expansion, chilled water, and glycol chilling, using high-quality components for optimal performance, like saltwater-resistant condensers and high-performance compressors.

Tecnavi can Supply components, equipments and spare parts for refrigeration System, AC compressors and air conditioning system of the main brands leader in the market: Air Conditioning, Centrifugal and axial fans, Cooling and heating coils, Air filters, HVAC control equipment, Dampers, Compressor with Associated components, Screw, semi-ermethic, centrifugal, Liquid receivers, Valves, Safety Components, Oil-And Liquid Separators.

On request Our after sales service guarantees Installation, assistance, maintenance, and repairs 24/7 even on systems not designed or installed by Tecnavi technicians.

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