Tecnavi is a key player in the ship repair/conversion and new building operations.

Tecnavi is one of the main player in the sector of onboard supply of air conditioning and ventilation systems, refrigeration plants, design and production of furnishing and technical areas, and fire fighting systems.

The strenght point of the company are the technical skills, the knowledge of market and good commercial introduction, the major global Ship owners references.

The main interest of Tecnavi is to develop and consolidate relationship with Shipbuilding Yards, Fincantieri and T. Mariotti and a presence in European shipyards for hvac systems and refrigeration plants.

Tecnavi is also interested to expand the International Cruise Ship Refits market.
Maintain and extend relationship with Owners, shipyards or Furnishing Suppliers, the main player in this market, is the goal of Tecnavi teams.

Sales to US customers are achieved thanks to the constant customer support activity carried out by the subsidiary FMI.
FMI is qualified supplier for Carnival and NCLH.

Tecnavi is specialized in the supply of air conditioning and ventilation systems, refrigeration plants, technical areas and fire fighting systems.


Tecnavi intends to be a player in the market of ship repair / conversion and new shipbuilding able to offer to owners and shipyards diversified products and services according to the purposes of its business, in order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

To achieve this purpose, the Management focuses on:

  • Prompt and complete response to customer needs.
  • High flexibility.
  • Reliability in the management of supplies and installations.
  • Innovation.
  • Profitable relationships with its suppliers by involving them more in their strategies as “partners”.
  • As applicable, a common management system for both lines of business, based on the process.
  • Defined strategic guidelines and targets for the short, medium and long term for each line of business.
  • A corporate structure, rationally organized and managed in line with business objectives.
  • Careful management of the image of the company.
  • Careful coordination commercial.
  • The development of synergies between the business lines of the company.
  • A precise control and monitoring of business processes both from technical and economic side to ensure the achievement of the planned target and continuous improvement of its performance.
  • An adequate education and training to each employee.
  • Defined targets for improvement; the achievement is verified during the management reviews.

The adequacy of the policy and specific objectives derived therefrom are reviewed in the meetings of the coordination and control of the company and in the course of the review of executive management system.


Code of Conduct sets out the main principles and values to which we feel committed in our daily interaction with employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment within the context of our global entrepreneurial activities. We act according to an integrated company concept, which includes all social, ecological and economical contributions by a company to the voluntary assumption of social responsibility in the long term and beyond the standards required by legislation.
In this respect, we are responsible for creating and maintaining a company culture in which consideration of the principles as well as ethical principles are guaranteed as far as possible.

Human rights and laws

  • We support and respect the UN Charter of Human Rights and guarantee that we are not involved in any human rights violation through our entrepreneurial actions.
  • We keep the laws of the respectively applicable legal system; this applies in particular to the respectively applicable laws concerning fair competition, data protection, safeguarding intellectual property of third parties, fighting money laundering and insider trading.

Employees’ basic rights

  • We promote the equal opportunities and fair treatment of our employees – independently of their race or ethnical origin, their sex, religion or belief, any disability, age or sexual orientation.
  • We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual.
    We never employ anyone against his or her will and do not force anyone to work.
  • We do not tolerate any inacceptable treatment of employees, such as discrimination, the use of force, misuse, exploitation or sexual harassment.
  • We ensure our employees receive fair pay and guarantee to pay the mandatory national minimum wage.
  • We observe the legislation governing working hours applicable in the respective state.
  • We recognize the employees’ freedom of association. We neither favor nor discriminate against members of workers’ organizations or trade unions.

Employees’ health and safety

  • We assume responsibility for the health and safety of our employees in the working environment;
  • We take the best possible preventative measures to minimize risks and avoid or prevent accidents and occupational diseases;
  • We maintain and promote an appropriate health & safety management system which includes regular health & safety training.

Suppliers and partners

  • We advocate the appropriate support of observation of the principles and basic values of this Code of Conduct by our suppliers and partners.
  • We keep the basic principles of non-discrimination during when selecting and dealing with our suppliers and partners in the same way as with our employees.

Corruption and bribery

  • We do not tolerate any kind of corruption or bribery and do not engage in it in any way; this also and particularly concerns any kind of illegal payment offers or similar contributions to government officials and other decision-makers in an attempt to influence their decision-making processes.

Child labor

  • We do not employ anyone who cannot prove they have reached the minimum legal age for employees.

Environmental protection

  • We reduce environmental pollution within the context of technical and economically appropriate possibilities beyond the extent required by legal norms and standards.
  • We regular monitor our environmental protection measures and implement appropriate improvement possibilities.

Export guidelines

  • We operate an export management system in accordance with the regulations of the European Union and the Italian Republic and adhere strictly to export embargos.
  • We do not tolerate any form of circumvention within our area of responsibility and do not engage in this.
  • We do not carry out any business where respective information is available.


The main Tecnavi’s first aims are: Customer satisfaction, Quality, Timing delivery, Best market price. Quality excellence is a priority to Tecnavi.
This means meeting and exceeding the quality requirements and standards for all operational aspects, product and services. We hold and are in compliance with main ISO certifications such as ISO 9001:2015.
Tecnavi supplies a wide range of products, certified by most well known Classification Societies such as: Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd’s, RINA Services (Registro Italiano Navale), Bureau Veritas, American Bureau Shipping. Tecnavi issues Factory Conformity Certificates as a total guarantee on our products and in compliance with our Quality.

Tecnavi has offices, operative areas and warehouses in Italy and in the United States

Genoa, Italy

Registered office and operative area
(2.000 sqm)

Via al Molo Cagni
16128 Genova (GE) – Italy
Phone: +39 010 869.2347
Email: info@tecnavi.it

Monfalcone (GO), Italy

Office and operative area
(800 sqm)

Via degli Schiavetti 7
34074 Monfalcone (GO) – Italy
Phone: +39 0432 148.3072
Email: info@tecnavi.it

Miami, FL - USA

Florida Marine Industries Inc
Office and operative area
(800 sqm)

3401 North Miami Avenue Suite 229
Miami FL 3312, USA
Phone: +1 (786) 901-3600
Email: info@fmindustries.us

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